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How to Install Indoor Playground Equipment

indoor playground equipment

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Children’s naughty castle paradise is a paradise for children to play, and the installation quality of indoor playground equipment directly affects kids’ play experience and safety. The following are the precautions for the installation of children’s indoor park amusement equipment introduced by JULE.

Preparatory work before installation

Before installing the amusement indoor playground equipment, the site needs to be cleaned and organized first. Clear any obstacles on the site, such as wires, pipes, walls, etc., to ensure that the amusement equipment can be installed safely. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the ground and walls of the venue are flat and firm to ensure the stability and safety of the amusement equipment.

The size and shape of the indoor playground equipment

When installing indoor soft play equipment, it is necessary to choose the appropriate equipment according to the size and shape of the site. Especially for large-scale soft play equipment, needs to be customized according to the actual situation of the site to ensure that the installation of the equipment is firm and stable. At the same time, the shape and size of indoor park equipment also need to meet safety standards to ensure the safety of children playing.

Safety measures during installation

In the process of install playground equipment, special attention should be paid to safety measures. Playground installers need to receive professional training and follow all relevant safety operating procedures. During the installation process, it is necessary to ensure the stability and safety of the amusement equipment to avoid deformation or damage to the indoor soft play installation process. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the installers and avoid accidental injuries during the installation process.

Debugging and testing of amusement equipment

After the indoor playground equipment installation is completed, comprehensive commissioning and testing are required. Check whether the amusement equipment is firm and stable and whether the functions are normal. During the debugging and testing process, it is necessary to focus on the safety and stability of the naughty castle amusement equipment to ensure the safety and reliability of children’s play.

Maintenance and maintenance of amusement equipment

Indoor playground equipment requires regular maintenance and maintenance to ensure its normal operation and safety. During the maintenance and maintenance process, it is necessary to clean and lubricate the naughty castle amusement equipment, as well as inspect and maintain the parts. Regular maintenance and upkeep can prolong the life of play equipment and ensure children’s play experience and safety.

What Should Pay Attention to During the Installation Process?

For the flooring for the indoor playground. The soft play floor mats can be laid first, or later. In addition, there will be a plastic part at the lower end of the steel pipe, which is used to fix the steel pipe.

Many tools are needed in indoor playground equipment, such as cutters and blades, cutting machines with large seats (cutting steel pipes), pliers, wrenches, gloves, power supplies, power boxes, electric drills, and drill bits.

For the circuit setting of the naughty castle, arrange the location of the power supply in advance, let the electrician pull the wires, and install the electric box. For safety, the hidden wires should use softened iron pipes, the open wires should use steel pipes, etc.

When building a shelf, be sure to pay attention to the position of the shelf close to the edge to ensure alignment. Check whether each joint is firm. Naughty Fort Fastener Cable Tie—The cable tie mouth must face the bottom, the upper part, or the side that is out of reach of children as much as possible. There is also a saying that it is reversed, and the mouth of the tie is hidden inside.

About the seam of the naughty castle package – it is also as far as possible upward or away from the child’s reach, so as to prevent children from tearing the decorations with their hands.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the pipe-cutting process, do not expose the steel pipe to the outside, and the workmanship must be very thin.

The Specific Steps of the Installation of the Naughty Castle Steel Frame

Playground equipment installers need to carefully understand the instructions on the steel frame drawings of the naughty castle, and follow the instructions on the drawings, so the success rate is relatively high. Find a suitable position on the steel frame tube and install the screws, then tighten the screws with a wrench, and tighten them firmly, so that the screws will fall off. After one steel frame is built, the other steel frame is similar, and the foot plate under the steel frame also needs to be fixed, so that the steel frame will be stable.

The connecting pipes need to be used one by one, and then these pipes are fixed with tools to prevent the pipes from slipping and falling out. After these pipes are connected, they are ready for the composition of the overall structure in the later stage.

When the steel frame pipe and connecting pipe can be assembled together, it is almost formed. The soft play equipment installers will install the rest of the whole frame according to the specific structure of the playground equipment drawing so that the installation steel frame that can be used normally in the naughty castle can be made.

4. For soft play frames manufacturers, these stainless steel frame tubes are particularly durable, and some of them have not been damaged after ten years of normal use. The main reason is that there is no direct sunlight, strong wind, and rain so the use of naughty castles can prolong the life.

The above are the specific steps for the installation of the steel frame of the naughty castle. As long as you follow the normal operation steps, you will not make mistakes, and it will also make the naughty castle look beautiful, generous, and practical, and let the high-quality naughty castle bring children Happiness and happiness also allow the merchants of naughty castles to realize the benefits of full customers.

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