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How to Maintain and Cleaning Soft Playground Equipment

soft playground equipment

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In recent years, with the rise of indoor parks in various regions like mushrooms after rain, indoor playground cleaning on a daily basis has become a topic of concern for businesses. As one of the children’s favorite amusement devices, indoor playgrounds are not only an ideal place for kids to play but also have a positive significance in inspiring their physical and mental development and exploration desire. Let JULE tells you the tips for a soft play cleaning schedule.

Distinguish and handle according to the materials used in the soft playground equipment.

Soft play cleaning. Twist the wet cloth dry for wiping. For particularly stubborn stains, you can use a cloth dipped in soapy water or a cleaning agent to wipe, then use water to clean the remaining stains, and finally use a dry cloth to wipe the water stains dry.

Ocean balls and other plastic parts. They can be cleaned directly with water, but if they cannot be cleaned thoroughly, a small amount of soapy water can be added. For mischievous castle equipment washed with soapy water, it is necessary to clean it with clean water to avoid residual harmful substances. Then, you can use a dry cloth to wipe off the water stains on top of soft play balls.

how to maintain and cleaning soft playground equipment

Solid wood parts. Try to wring the cloth dry and wipe it as much as possible. If it is tough to clean, you can use a cloth dipped in soapy water to wipe it off, and then use a clean cloth to wipe off any remaining stains. Solid wood equipment is moisture-prone, and the scrubbed solid wood equipment is dried in the sun.

Steel parts and connectors. Steel parts and components are the factors that directly affect the Factor of safety of soft playgrounds. Operators should always check these parts to see if there are rusty parts. Rust removal should be carried out for rusty parts. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether all components usually operate, especially the connecting pieces, which should be lubricated to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Live parts. When cleaning, first ensure that the power is cut off, do not pour, use a cloth dipped in alcohol to wipe clean, and then connect to the power supply after it has dried thoroughly.

How to clean indoor soft playground equipment toys

Plastic toys. You can soak in water or use diluted disinfection and cleaning methods such as drops to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of toys.

Plush toys. When self-cleaning, please pay attention to layering, that is, first, take out the cotton inside the stuffed toy and clean it separately from the outer skin. In addition, first, find the cotton filling seam of the toy, then carefully cut it open, take out the cotton, and then clean it.

Cloth toys. Cloth toys such as dolls and books can be washed according to the cleaning method on the packaging and cleaned regularly.

Wooden toys. Due to the fact that wooden materials absorb water and are prone to moths, these types of toys cannot be cleaned and can be exposed to sunlight if necessary.

Electronic toys. This type of toy cannot be cleaned. If necessary, wipe with a wrung-wet cloth.

How to maintain indoor playground slides

It is recommended to conduct maintenance every 15 days, and any areas that passengers may touch should not have sharp edges, sharp corners, or burrs. If cracks, deformations, fractures, etc. are found, they should be repaired promptly.

If the indoor playground slide is used for a long time, dust may accumulate on the surface. It should be cleaned regularly with cleaning agents to ensure the smoothness of the slide surface. Car wax can be used for daily maintenance to maintain smoothness.

Check the fasteners connecting the slide and the column, and tighten them in a timely manner if any bolts are found to be loose.

Check the foundation of the slide playground equipment, and if any looseness, displacement, or deviation is found, reinforce the foundation in a timely manner.

Check the aging degree of the soft play slide, and if any aging is found, promptly ask the equipment manufacturer to identify whether it can continue to be used.

In addition to the above, operators should open more windows and maintain indoor ventilation and breathability.

Daily cleaning and maintenance are also of great help in creating a comfortable and clean playing environment and retaining regular customers. Only by regularly maintaining and cleaning soft playground equipment can operate better and longer. Not only that, cleaning and maintenance work can also timely detect safety hazards that occur in the equipment of the indoor playground, effectively preventing accidents from happening.

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