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Soft Play Center

Service Process

As a commercial soft play center industry leader, JULE offers more than just a product, we hope to walk alongside you through the process and provide JULE wealth of knowledge on the industry and what it’s like to operate an FEC. We adhere to only the highest standards regarding quality and safety. A tried and true four-step plan to set you and your soft play project up for success.

Tell us about your project & idea

JULE goal is to create innovative and functional products in a simple, modern, and elegant style that satisfies both clients and end users. Fully customized to meet your childrens soft play area.

Collaborate on planning & design

It all starts with the design. JULE launches the soft play area creative process by imagining the soft play equipment construction and appearance from the idea stage to the finished product.

Take care of production & support

Before delivering a presentation to the client, JULE always ensures our products are safe by following indoor soft play safety standards (such as design, indoor soft play equipment, installation, and maintenance) and protocols for the intended region.

Enjoy your indoor playground & soft play park!

To make sure JULE soft play products are fun and safe, prototypes and playtests of all products are done in-house with children and families in the community, with whom we have a close relationship.

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JULE designs to manufacture all indoor commercial playground equipment in-house, allowing us total control of the development process. By overseeing every step from design to manufacturing, ensure the highest quality of all our products. JULE ships products all around the world, thus a comprehensive design plan is crucial when developing and manufacturing products.

Planning Your Play Space

indoor playground design

How to make an indoor playground designs

1. The importance of a well-designed indoor playground
2. Understanding the needs and purpose of an indoor playground
3. Factors to consider in designing an indoor playground
4. Maximizing play space and equipment selection
5. Choosing materials and colors for the playground
6. Enlisting professional help for the soft play area design process

Commercial Playground Solutions

JULE specializes in custom-made, high-quality soft play equipment and manufacturing. With our extensive range of products, you can create a safe and fun environment for children of all ages. JULE experienced team is here to help you create the perfect solution.

How To Start A Soft Play Business

1. Research the market
2. Develop a soft play business plan
3. Selection of a location
4. Design your soft playground space
5. Obtain necessary licenses and permits
6. Purchase indoor soft play equipment
7. Hire and train staff
8. Develop a marketing plan

how to start a soft play business
how much does it cost to build an indoor playground

How Much does it Cost to Build an Indoor Playground

1. Indoor playground design cost
2. Indoor playground equipment cost
3. Flooring and surfacing
4. Installation of playground equipment cost
5. Location and building modifications
6. Permits, licenses, and insurance

How to Choose an Indoor Playground Manufacturer

1. Why choose the right manufacturer
2. Reputation and experience
3. Safety standards and certifications
4. Customization and design options
5. Quality of playground equipment and durability
6. Pricing and budget considerations
7. Installation and maintenance services
8. Customer support and services
9. Comparing quotes and making the final decision

How to Choose an Indoor Playground Manufacturer
how to install indoor playground equipment

How to Install Indoor Playground Equipment

1. Preparatory work before installation
2. The size and shape of the indoor playground equipment
3. Safety measures during installation
4. Debugging and testing of amusement equipment

How to Maintain and Cleaning Soft Playground Equipment

1. Soft play cleaning
2. Ocean balls and other plastic parts
3. Solid wood parts
4. Steel parts and connectors
5. Live parts
6. Small toys
7. playground slides

how to maintain and cleaning soft playground equipment
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